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Lash lift materials

According to the policy of YUMI Lashes (France), we are able to supply products only to technicians in Australia and New Caledonia, who have completed training by YUMI Lashes.
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Over the past few years the desire for natural beauty has become a growing trend and the eyelash lifting, procedure, has been identified as one of the easiest and safest ways to make lashes look beautiful and open.

YUMI Lashes’ Keratin lash lift materials, are recognised as the best in the world and are incredibly popular, not only with professional craftsmen, but with those who are just learning how to make their customers' eyes beautiful and natural looking.

Lash lift materials

The materials and auxiliary tools created by YUMI Lashes to carry out the Keratin lash lift procedure, and facilitate its implementation, are non-harsh chemical, keratin based compositions. All YUMI Lashes products are made in France with exclusively European ingredients.

The standard list of materials supplied by YUMI Lashes is as follows:

  • Tonic for cleansing and degreasing eyelashes and eyelids
  • Composition to create a lifting effect that lifts the lashes at the roots
  • Solution for fixing and thickening of the eyelashes
  • Conditioner for nourishing and moisturising the eyelashes
  • Colour pigment with oxidant
  • Silicone lining
  • Glue.

Also, during the eyelash lift procedure, you will require the following tools:

  • Glass for mixing paint
  • Special curved tweezers for the gentle separation of the eyelashes
  • Micro-brushes and applicators for applying formulations
  • Comb-brush
  • Eyelid protection tape
  • Gel patches for isolating the lower lashes.

Lash lift KITS

The Keratin eyelash lift procedure used by YUMI Lashes is based exclusively on the technology developed by the Swiss dermatologist, Sandra Viglio. During the eyelash treatment process, the lashes are painted, given volume and naturally bent. Each eyelash is saturated with keratin, vitamins and proteins, and thereby acquires a visually beautiful and well-groomed appearance. The lamination procedure with a set of YUMI Lashes consists of six stages, and begins with a thorough cleansing and preparation of the eyelid. Next, a bend is formed by placing the eyelashes on a silicone roller, where they are fixed with the help of special proprietary compositions. Finally, comes the colouring procedure and the nourishment of the eyelashes.

At each stage, different materials and compositions are used, which are produced exclusively by YUMI Lashes. They can be bought both individually and as a whole set.

Products supplied by the Swiss brand, YUMI Lashes, have long gained popularity across Europe and the USA, but until recently, have been unavailable in Australia.

We are happy to announce that YUMI Lashes Keratin laminating kits are available in 2 variations.

STARTER SET, which consists of a YUMI Lashes boxed KIT, including:

  • 3 main chemical compounds, (Lift, Fix, Nourish), 15 sachets each
  • Tube of glue, 5 ml
  • Silicone forms (Small, Medium, Large), 10 pcs.
  • Paint, 15 ml.

Starter sets differ in paint colour and are presented with four classic shades. Among them are, black with a blue undertone for burning brunettes, black and dark brown for brown-haired women, and a light brown for blondes.


this is an extended version of the previous set. It is sold in a beauty case, which includes, in addition to the above:

  • Pigments, Graphite, Bluish-Black, Dark and Light Brown;
  • 3% oxidant, 50 ml
  • Eye protection paper
  • Capacity for mixing paints
  • Cleaner, 100 ml
  • Gel pads - 5 pairs
  • Brushes, Combs - 10 pieces

In addition to these sets, any YUMI Lashes tools can be purchased separately. This will be necessary if some of your requisites have run out, or you just want to create your own set for the YUMI Lashes eyelash lift procedure.

Advantages of using YUMI Lashes products

The Keratin lash lift procedure from YUMI Lashes is the best alternative to extended eyelashes and a daily eye makeup routine. Indeed, as a result of using the YUMI Lashes procedure, the client will receive:

  • Prolonged effect of lengthening without the need for correction - from 8 to 12 weeks
  • Perfect gloss and colour saturation of the lashes
  • Long, dense, shiny eyelashes, filled with pigment
  • Strong healthy cilia after lamination

Safe and durable coating of the lashes, which are not affected by conditions found in saunas, swimming pools and other hostile environments.

Ultimately, the YUMI Lashes Keratin lash lift, procedure, guarantees the complete safety and quality of all materials and tools supplied for use.

Buy materials for YUMI Lashes Keratin lash lift, treatments

The official distributor of YUMI Lashes in Australia offers its customers Keratin lash lift products for eyelashes, both in sets and individually.

Beauticians around the world have already come to appreciate the virtues of the YUMI Lashes brand; its ease of use and unrivalled level of safety.

Customers can choose and order from our price-list, complete lamination kits and additional tools for eyelashes, that will allow them the perfect start to a successful career in the beauty industry.

All YUMI Lashes products are certified and meet the most stringent quality assurance standards; make no mistake - YUMI Lashes is the ultimate high-end brand when it comes to beautiful, natural eyelashes.

Finally, our website gives you the ability to not only buy materials, but also sign up for YUMI Lashes training and refresher courses.

Why choose YUMI Lashes? Because your clients deserve the best!!